Clubhouse Rules

The clubhouse must be booked in advance.  The full rent plus deposit are payable in advance.  The deposit is refundable after inspection by the Management.

Cancellation of a reservation must be done 30 days prior to the day of booking; otherwise all fees paid will be forfeited, with the exception of unforeseen events.

The clubhouse is available from 08:00 to 23:00 on the day booked date.  It must be vacated and tidy by 09:00 the next morning, otherwise the deposit will be used to clean up.  Please do not use Prestik against the walls.

Courtesy and silence must be maintained. No loud music and noise will be allowed.

Only guests in possession of a guest card will be allowed free of charge on site.

If any of the tenant’s guests (non-members) wish to bring their boat, the full fee for the boat will be payable at the entrance.

The tenant accepts responsibility for:

his/her guests’ behavior and actions,

vacating the hall and kitchen and leaving it as it was received,

ensuring that the hall is locked and the key is handed over to the caretaker,

informing guests in advance about parking areas and parking cards,

 obeying the rules for boat rides and fishing,

following the rules and regulations of the club.

If any of the above rules are not met, the tenant will be asked with all his guests to leave the premises immediately and the tenant will not only lose his deposit and rent but the clubhouse will not be made available to him/her again.

If the tenant is a club-member and the club rules and regulations are not complied with, the tenant runs the risk that his/her membership may be terminated immediately.